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Log Furniture Place Blog | Rustic Furniture Information & Tips

  • The Art of a Good Night’s Sleep

    For a statement bed that looks as good as it feels, few pieces of furniture can rival our Rocky Creek Barn Wood Highland Panel Bed. Dramatic, alluring and crafted from reclaimed timber, it makes a statement in any bedroom and ensures a fantastic night’s sleep for anyone lucky enough to climb on and snuggle under the duvet.

    No two will ever be ever the same

    There’s only one thing better than a beautiful piece of rustic furniture that will cause a great deal of envy in your friends and family and that’s an item that has been made specifically for you, to your specifications. Add in genuine barn wood, ensuring it can never be entirely replicated and suddenly, the exclusivity of your lifetime purchase becomes a real boast-worthy point. And it is a once-in-a-lifetime buy when you choose Log Furniture Place, because our stunning Rocky Creek barnwood bed comes with a lifetime guarantee. That’s how confident we are that you’ll love it and that it will support you long after lesser offerings would be able to.

    Available in three size options and with or without extra slats, to let you choose the style of mattress needed, despite being beautifully stoic in style, this is an adaptable barn wood panel bed frame. That will be perfect when accentuated with either rustic or modern bedding.

    Unique qualities and green considerations

    So, what makes barn wood bed frames so special? It’s the innate character and heritage that they all possess, thanks to being crafted from specially selected antique wood that has been salvaged from traditional old buildings. Every nail hole and rough saw mark adds to the story of the wood itself and gives your new bed a sense of history already. Though it is possible to imitate a barn wood aesthetic, nothing beats the real thing and let’s not overlook the significant sustainable credentials as well.

    We recognize that environmental concerns need to be at the forefront of every business, which is why we are devoting as much time and energy to sourcing sustainable, ethical material as we do to designing show-stopping furniture. After all, why take the time to visualize and craft something exceptional if the material it is made from isn’t held to the same standards? We want you to feel drawn to your new barnyard bed and almost unable to take your eyes off of it, while also feeling buoyed by the fact that it is contributing to a more ethical world.

    Our pledge to you

    When you buy a Rocky Creek Barn Wood Highland Panel Bed, you’re choosing more than a sturdy rustic bed with a large statement headboard – you’re giving us the opportunity to make a one-off item just for you, finished by hand and delivered, free of charge.

    A beautiful addition to any modern, rustic or heritage home, this reclaimed timber bed speaks volumes about American design and what we, as a company stand for. It’s all about quality, pride and exceeding your expectations, which we know that this barnwood platform bed will do, in spades.

  • Storage With Something Extra

    Long gone are the days when storage furniture was supposed to slink into the background and go unnoticed, while still being useful. We like to think that we are paving the way in terms of truly  gorgeous and rustic furniture, considered at length from conception through to production, which is why our storage pieces have been designed to stand out.

    Four drawers, full of potential

    Our Timber Frame Four Drawer Reclaimed Barn Wood Chest brings together everything we love. American craftsmanship, sustainable materials and spectacular levels of practicality have all been interwoven to produce one of the best-looking storage chests in our collection and we like to think that every home will be able to find a space for at least one!

    Starting with wood that has been salvaged from dilapidated old barns and buildings from around the USA, there is character already built into every nook and cranny of this timeless piece of furniture. Each rough saw cut, nail hole and hewn mark has embedded history and genuine character, the likes of which can never be fully recreated with new timber. We keep the hits coming too, as the drawer pulls have been created from blacksmith-forged iron.

    Every facet of this barnwood chest has been given full consideration, to allow for an organic design that benefits from fluidity and complementary materials, while the generous dimensions maximize the usefulness of the finished piece. Standing at 48” tall, 20” deep and 37” wide, this is a fully capable barn wood chest of drawers that would be just as perfect stood in a lounge as in a bedroom or even a bathroom. With full-extension drawer glides, you’ll be able to enjoy a vast amount of storage space smoothly and with minimal effort.

    Craftsmanship that guarantees peace of mind

    How many all-American furniture companies can you name that are so willing to stand by their products that they offer a lifetime guarantee with a reclaimed dresser? Well we do and that comes as standard, as does free shipping and a level of care and attention that is hard to find these days.

    We might be using reclaimed materials but we never lessen our focus when it comes to construction or finishing. In fact, the more characterful the wood we use, the more we make sure that every surface is suitable to touch and appreciate, up-close and we don’t hide any of the history of the timber. Using a clear finish, applied by hand, the natural beauty and rustic superiority of our materials are allowed to shine through.

    The tip of the iceberg

    We don’t think you can have too much of a good thing, which is why our rustic chest has been designed to work perfectly with our Adventure Mountain Bedroom Collection. As part of a larger and cohesive furniture scheme, this reclaimed chest of drawers will be a welcome addition, but equally, in a space with a more contemporary vibe, it will inject some warmth, character and just the right amount of rustic contrast.

  • No Need for Counting Sheep

    The secret to a good night’s sleep has eluded scientists for years but we think it’s as simple as choosing a bed that offers the perfect combination of style, heritage, support and custom touches. That’s why our Timber Haven Barnwood Bed is one of our all-time favorite rustic bed designs that we think you’ll fall in love with too.

    The stance that says it all

    When it comes to rustic bedroom furniture, each piece needs to have stature and presence, which this bed has in spades!

    A strong profile has been created using thick slabs of distressed rough sawn pine in a traditional style, with sturdy head and footboards built in and minimal detailing, but just enough to catch the eye. Tactile corbels have also been included, to add some fluidity and sweep to the finished design and we think this tiny injection of contemporary accessorizing has elevated the entire look.

    Finishes designed with you in mind

    Rough sawn rustic bed designs are amazing, but if finished in the wrong color, they can fall a little flat. Remember that your bed is the centerpiece of the entire space and where you will spend the lion’s share of your time while in your bedroom, so you want to make sure that there are no lingering doubts about the finish you chose.

    Here at Woodland Creek Furniture, we pride ourselves on offering our customers enough choice to guarantee the most perfect and, essentially, bespoke items possible and our rustic panel bed is no exception. You can choose from five gorgeous finishes, ranging from clear through to Weathered Gray and for something extra special, you can select Antique Barnwood.

    To buy a genuine rustic barnwood bed would cost an exceptional amount of money, but our artisan craftsmen have perfected the art of imitating the much sought after look. So much so that we believe nobody will be able to tell the difference and if they can, it’s probably because they also have an imitation barn wood bed, so they won’t admit it!

    The American dream 

    Designed, made and shipped from right here in the USA, our Timber Haven Barnwood Bed is a fantastic example of everything we pride ourselves on - original creativity, exemplar craftsmanship and designer furniture without an astonishing price tag. It can also be tailored to fit your home beautifully.

    Available as a twin, full, queen or king, this bed frame is fully adaptable, making it just as well suited to a kid’s room as a master suite and your style of home isn’t a limiting factor either. In a rustic lodge or cottage, this bed will fit right in, becoming part of the interior design as soon as it is assembled, but in a contemporary setting, it will add some substance and a touch of heritage.

    The crowning glory in the Timber Haven Collection, this bed can be a statement installation or just the start of a whole new home design scheme. We think you won’t be able to stop at this one piece alone!

  • A Modern Twist on Rustic Design

    If you’ve been searching for a statement dining table that serves as so much more than just a gathering point for meals, then look no further. With its combination of sleek metal supports, rustic teak tree root detailing and smooth live edge top, our Twisted Trails Live Edge Dining Table will leave you breathless.

    Delicious design to satisfy all tastes

    Interior design trends seem to fall into two categories: modern or rustic. Within these are numerous sub-genres of course, but the overarching definitive element seems to be whether a home is being finished with contemporary or more traditional tropes in mind. Being such polar opposites, on the face of it, we wanted to create a modern rustic table that could bridge the gap and find a place in every home and we think we’ve done exactly that.

    Standing proud on hand-forged black metal legs, this unique rustic dining table sets itself apart through artistic elements, most notably the incredible teak root slices that fill the frame voids and make way for a dramatic live edge wooden top. On paper, these elements shouldn’t come together as a harmonious and intriguing piece of furniture, but in reality, the blending of vision and craftsmanship is irresistible.

    The devil’s in the details

    Let’s talk materials, because this live edge rustic dining table features some of the best that money can buy, despite the non-designer price tag.

    Hand-forged metalwork might sound like a luxury and it is, but we want to guarantee the tightest tolerances and sturdiest finishes possible. Why take a chance with stock sheet metal when having something specifically created will allow for a far more bespoke and upmarket end result that will last a lifetime?

    Next comes those extra special teak roots. What would be a waste product to some is reclaimed art in the making to us, allowing for a touch of sustainability to creep into your statement rustic dining table. By leaving the rest of the table legs so understated and simple, these decorative ends are given the spotlight and what a glorious job they make of setting up the entire design for the crowning glory – the black walnut plank live edge top.

    Black walnut is a sumptuous wood that showcases rich warm tones, eye-catching grain patterns and flourishes with just a clear coat finish. Bold yet classic, it makes for a truly beautiful solid wood table and moreover, is perfectly suited to creating unforgettable rustic dining room furniture.

    American made with worldwide appeal

    For all of our USA customers, complimentary shipping and the joy of buying a domestic product is included in your order, but we want to offer our gorgeous designs to the rest of the world as well. There’s no point in being selfish!

    International shipping is available, with regular updates up until your contemporary rustic table is ready to leave our workshop. Please note that because we make each piece to order, we ask for around 6-8 weeks to complete, with shipping to follow.

  • Barn Wood Beauty that Won't Break the Bank

    A piece of furniture that speaks of tradition, family and reclaimed style, the Timber Haven Rustic Dining Table has been created with iconic features in mind, but with cleaner, more contemporary lines that bring rustic dining room furniture into the modern era.

    Style that lasts a lifetime

    No cottage, cabin, lodge or ranch is complete without a sturdy dining table at its core. Something that can seat every member of the family and play host to amazing memories of Thanksgiving dinners and Christmas feasts, which is why we created our Timber Haven Rustic Dining Table.

    Reminiscent of traditional dining tables, thanks to the trestle support system and plank top, we’ve added hand finishing and sleek lines to our design to perfectly tread the line between a rustic table and a piece of striking furniture that will never need to be updated. What’s more, we have been careful to faithfully recreate the look of expensive barn wood dining tables, just without the price tag.

    Imitation is the sincerest form of flattery

    A barnwood dining table is at the top of many people’s wish lists but being very expensive, few ever realize the dream of owning one. Thanks to our team of artisan craftsmen, we have been able to create the impression of the weathered, reclaimed material and it is so realistic that we don’t think anybody will be able to spot the difference. We certainly won’t tell your family and friends if you don’t!

    By ageing and distressing the wood by hand, the effect is far more organic and undetectable and with an affordable barn wood table ordered, you might have some budget left over for coordinating items too, such as a full complement of gorgeous chairs.

    Real wood, your way

    Imitation barn wood finish aside, this is an exceptionally authentic real wood rustic dining table. Heavy and hardworking, it can be made in a vast range of sizes and if the reclaimed look isn’t for you, why not consider one of the other colorways? From warm Honey Amber through to cool Weathered Gray, there’s a tonal palette perfect for every home, but be sure to choose carefully, as this is no flimsy piece of transitional furniture.

    Supplied with a lifetime guarantee, which is all but unheard of in today’s business world, you need to be sure that you’ll love your chosen finish forever. Picture yourself in 30 years, still making memories around the table’s tactile edges. What finish can you see?

    Imbued with American pride

    Designed and crafted right here in the USA, every Timber Haven Rustic Dining Table is an expression of what we believe in – quality domestic products that stand the test of time and elicit an ‘ooh, ahh’ response. Shipping free of charge, usually within eight weeks of ordering, you can be guaranteed that once you click to order, your home will be enjoying an injection of rustic style before you know it. So, what are you waiting for?

  • Sweet Dreams in Sawn Timber

    Putting the fun back into rustic bedroom furniture, our Sawmill Hickory Rough Sawn Timber Bunk Bed is as sturdy as it is striking, which is really saying something! The perfect addition to any lodge or cabin, this chunky yet still sophisticated bed offers a space-savvy sleeping solution, alongside some serious rustic style.

    Not just for kids

    There’s no getting away from the fact that kids love sleeping in rustic beds like this, but thanks to the full-size design here, this is an adult bunk bed that nobody will complain about being allocated, thanks to the huge range of sizes on offer.

    Available as a twin over full bunk bed, a twin over twin bunk bed and even as an XL twin over queen, there’s an incarnation to suit every family dynamic and every property. But that’s not the only element that can be customized to suit very specific needs.

    Catering to all tastes

    In the past, it seems as though truly beautiful styles had to be forfeited in order to enjoy the convenience of a bunk bed, but not anymore. We understand that you want to double-up on the sleeping potential but that effortless aesthetic value is also important, which is why this rustic bunk bed comes in a range of finishes.

    Rustic furniture doesn’t need to be one tone or predictable, so we offer six finish options, ranging from timeless natural clear through to striking driftwood white, all of which amplify the creative design touches throughout. Working with the rough sawn timber, all of these finishes provide character and unique definition to elevate the rustic bedroom furniture to new levels.

    Functional and fabulous

    Looking at some of the more eye-catching features of this pine bunk bed, it’s the hickory log accents in the head and footboards that really stand out and offer a nod to the fact that this is no flat-pack option. Two integrated ladders, one at either end, make for easy use and with an option to add coordinated drawers underneath, you can be assured of a natural balance between storage, sleep and style.

    In a bid to make the process of ordering a hickory bunk bed as seamless and easy as possible, we stock a large range of finishing touches that are available to ship with the frame, such as mattresses. You simply have to choose your options, click and wait for the free delivery, but that’s not all.

    We stand by our products. Each and every Sawmill Hickory Rough Sawn Timber Bunk Bed is made right here in the USA, by carefully selected craftsmen that are at the top of their game. This is how we can offer a lifetime warranty that gives you peace of mind that you are making a considered investment into your home. By choosing to trust us with your interior design vision, you are making a commitment to quality and in return, we offer so much more than just the most beautiful bedroom that you’ll ever buy – we promise that it will never let you down.

  • Fantastic Log Furniture With an Option to Finance

    We know that balancing the desire for a house full of gorgeous furniture with a manageable budget can seem unrealistic, but here at Woodland Creek’s Log Furniture Place, we have a solution.

    Start with affordable prices

    All of our rustic products are designed and crafted here in the USA. We are proud to be a domestic producer of high-quality rustic furniture items but of course, they come with a price. What makes us different is that although we are an equal opportunities company, committed to paying a living wage to all of our team, we still want to pass on significant savings to you – the customer – wherever possible. With this in mind, we are surprisingly competitive.

    In addition to charging reasonable, not extortionate prices, we are also always looking for ways to give you the aesthetic you want, without a fashion-dictated price tag, which is why our faux barn wood pieces, such as our Timber Haven Dining Table, are so popular.

    Staying trend aware allows us to tap into popular looks through clever hand finishing techniques, rather than expensive raw materials and we always pass the savings directly to you.

    Finance with a trusted partner

    If you have an entire lodge or cabin to furnish within a certain amount of time and you want to know that everything is going to match perfectly and arrive together, you know that you are looking at a significant investment. Perhaps you only have one item to buy, but you don’t want to wait until next month. What can you do if either of these scenarios applies to you? The answer is simple – finance your purchase with a trustworthy third party.

    Woodland Creek’s Log Furniture Place is proud to have partnered with Bread, a financing service that allows you to pay for big purchases through easy to manage installments. You can check your eligibility in real-time by answering a few simple questions and if you are, you can simply complete your purchase with us by selecting the repayment plan that best suits you. It barely takes any longer than checking out with a bank card.

    One of the best features of Bread is that it allows you to overpay your loan, which means you can repay the total amount far more quickly and you’ll incur no penalties, even if you pay the full amount back in record time. You are in control at every stage and if you use Bread to buy a fabulous new rustic bed from us, you’ll be sleeping in comfort and with peace of mind.

    Uncompromising commitment to you

    We want you to have access to the rustic furniture of your dreams, but we wouldn’t compromise our commitment to you as a valued customer by recommending a financing company that we haven’t researched thoroughly. Just as our log furniture comes with a lifetime guarantee, our financing partner guarantees you an easy and transparent way to make an investment into your home that you won’t regret.

  • Storage With No Compromises

    Nobody should have to compromise gorgeous looks in order to get the right amount of bedroom storage, which is why we’ve created the Sawmill Hickory 7 Drawer Rough Sawn Dresser. Offering plenty of organisation potential, as well as being a worthy focal point in any space, the dresser has perfected the art of looking as good as it functions.

    Ticking all the right boxes

    Finding the perfect rustic dresser that looks authentic, has guaranteed longevity and can be paired with other items of rustic bedroom furniture without looking disjointed is a real task. Or rather, it was, until now.

    Handcrafted from a rich combination of aromatic hickory timber logs and expertly weathered pine, this barn wood dresser tantalizes all the senses, especially your common sense, thanks to the staggering amount of storage space that it contains. Rough sawn drawer fronts meet turned corner logs and a smooth-to-the-touch dresser top to encourage tactile enjoyment, as well as visual appreciation.

    Ideal for homes that have been decorated with a traditional log cabin or western feel, this iconic rough sawn dresser need not be hidden away in a bedroom and will work beautifully in any room. The perfect centerpiece for a den, hallway or even open kitchen, you’ll soon discover that this is a versatile item that can adapt as your needs change. Not bad for a sturdy and seemingly immovable piece of wooden rustic furniture! While the design of the piece is clearly the shining star, there are other elements that contribute to the truly special nature of this item.

    Good old fashioned American quality

    There was a time when American craftsman were proud to have their reputations depend on the quality of their work and we are bringing that back. Designed, made and shipped from within the USA, the Sawmill Hickory 7 Drawer Rough Sawn Dresser is a testament to a return to traditional skills and values.

    Full extension drawer glides, a choice of authentic wooden or metal rustic furniture handles, multiple finishes options to choose from are just some of the features that make this rustic barnwood dresser such a worthwhile lifetime investment. The inclusion of a multi-step hand finishing process, designed to unlock the inner beauty of the wood and make it easier to maintain and keep clean, is an extra touch that we know you’ll love.

    Stand alone or part of a set

    The mark of really great furniture is whether a single item can both integrate into an existing space and make its mark, all at the same time. The Sawmill Hickory 7 Drawer Rough Sawn Dresser does not struggle in this respect. A steadfast and handsome individual piece that offers access to an enormous amount of storage, it is also perfect as part of a much larger bedroom collection - the rustic Sawmill Hickory Collection as well. From matching beds to rustic chests and bedside tables, everything has been designed to work perfectly together to create the ultimate in inviting bedrooms.

    Take our advice and invest in a coordinating rustic lamp and some western-style bedding to amplify the effect.

  • Sheer Animal Magic

    Striking the right balance between eye-catching style and timeless elegance can be difficult, but when it comes to rustic bedroom furniture that is guaranteed to elevate an interior space, the Barnwood Bear Silhouette Bed is hard to beat.

    Unique design touches

    Not all beds are created equal and the Barnwood Bear Silhouette Bed is one of the most beloved that we offer. Combining the beauty and heritage feel of rustic weathered pine with iconic bear imagery creates a stunning hybrid of western and cabin aesthetics that elevate the overall design of any room the bed stands in. Truly, the bear scene rustic bed combination works so symbiotically that most other rustic bedroom furniture pales in comparison.

    Starting at the foot of the bed frame, a solid barn door X design has been used to ground the piece in traditional charm, but it’s the detailed metal headboard that really catches the eye. Intricately carved, the metal gives way to a silhouette scene of a bear walking through pine trees, in the shadow of mountains and it works so well. Breaking up not only the heavy metal headboard but also adding extra character to the chunky wooden bed frame, the scene injects such rustic flair that little else is needed, except perhaps some charming flannel bedding. There is one more surprise, however.

    Just when you think this rustic bed can’t get any better, you realize that it is a light up bear bed. That’s right – the headboard is illuminated and exudes an ambient amber glow, helping to amplify the silhouette scene even more.

    The American dream

    Gorgeous design aside, there’s another reason why we can feel so proud of the Barnwood Bear Silhouette Bed – the fact that it is designed and made right here in the USA. Imbued with pride, as well as domestic artisan talent, you can sleep easy knowing that you are resting on a high quality product that supports both yourself and the economy.

    Usually shipping in just over four to six weeks from the date of your order, time is taken to guarantee exemplar craftsmanship and attention to detail, so that when your bed arrives, it simply needs to be assembled and admired.

    Perfect for every home

    Though a definite style statement, choosing a barn wood bed makes perfect sense, as the material can adapt to any interior color scheme and can be as dramatically rustic or understated as you choose. In the case of this bed, which comes complete with footboard, headboard, siderails and mattress support slats, subtle design isn’t an option, but it does afford you the opportunity to keep your wider bedroom design choices a little simpler, so as to let the bed really take center stage.

    Of course, if you prefer to create an all-out rustic haven, you can accessorize further with other pieces from the Antler & Barnwood Bedroom Collection. Complementary bedside tables and unique lamps are just some of the additions that we heartily recommend, but the Barnwood Bear Silhouette Bed is beautiful enough to stand alone and still make an incredible impact. That’s why it is one of our all-time favorite pieces of rustic furniture that we offer and also why it’s sure to become one of yours as well.

  • Storage With Style: Rustic Dressers

    Storage with style

    When only thoroughly rustic storage furniture will do, it can be tough to source the right ‘straight from the mill’ aesthetic, but with its combination of solid construction and eye-catching external finishes, the Westcliffe Pointe Log Dresser could be exactly what you’re looking for.

    Tactile, textural and TEAK

    When addressing the aesthetics of this gorgeous dresser, it is almost hard to know where to begin. Circle-sawn planks meet hand-knifed logs and chunky, organically finished Teak bricks to create an undulating and continually evolving look that would be perfect for so many properties. From modern homes that need a statement storage item to anchor the contemporary chic with contrast to traditional cottages and cabins, there simply isn’t a home that can’t embrace the Westcliffe Point log dresser.

    Expertly built and finished, your fingertips can enjoy every tactile surface and they will want to. There’s something so enticing about rustic wood that has been transformed by a master craftsman but when you discover that you can not only caress but also easily clean this dresser, that’s when you’ll know this is the statement piece for you.

    Not just for bedrooms

    While this type of large storage dresser might traditionally become part of a rustic bedroom furniture set, the universal appeal of Teak means that the Westcliffe Pointe can be placed in any space that needs some extra functionality. Of course, it works perfectly in a bedroom, but let’s think about other potential destinations too.

    Picture if you will, a gorgeous snug or den, complete with a well-placed dresser for standing a lamp on and housing board games and books. Maybe it’s a hallway that needs that one item of furniture to really finish it off, or, for the more adventurous decorators, how about using this dresser as a major component in a deconstructed kitchen design? Amazing, creative and so distinctive.

    Forget what you think you know about rustic dressers, as this one is not only built to capture the timeless appeal of log furniture, but also to up your storage ante significantly.

    Imbued with American pride

    It’s becoming increasingly rare to find expertly made wooden furniture that is designed and sold right here in the USA, but that’s ALL Woodland Creek offers. Our domestic craftsmanship is amongst the best in the world, with the construction and finish of the Westcliffe Pointe rustic dresser proving it beyond all doubt.

    The body of the dresser is built from White Cedar and Teak for longevity, with full-extension drawer glides supporting solid Pine drawer boxes. Taking between four and six weeks to complete, every piece is made to order and benefits from a multi-step hand-finish that accounts for every Teak brick and sawn plank equally.

    Rich, sturdy and masterful in appearance, this rustic chest dressers has a unique ability to be both a statement focal piece of furniture and a functional installation. What’s more, it isn’t limited in terms of which rooms it can be used in either, guaranteeing that it is a lifetime purchase that can organically evolve with any interior design changes. Now that’s impressive!

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